Vorld Archipelago is a game where you explore a procedurally generated island chain to find orbs to power up the portal to take you home! It was made for 7DFPS and proc jam 2021.

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Welcome to the Archipelago

Source Code | 7DFPS Entry | Procjam Entry | Itch Page

I have intended to make a minecraft-esque demo game with Fury since it's inception and for this years 7DFPS jam I decided that I'd try to get a minimal version up and running. I took advantage of the relaxed rules around start time and use of existing tech to work through adding vertex baked AO and flood fill lighting prior to the the jam, using the excellent 0fps' posts for guidance.

This allowed me to focus on adding gameplay and polish over working on tech during the jam itself, which turned out to be wise as it took a good couple of days just to write the code to analyse the height map and extract navigable local maxima to use as points of interest! I'm happy that this game came out much more polished than last year's entry, having nicer textures, lighting, in game menus, sound effects and a better character controller!