Seekers is what I've decided to call my little, work in progress, ARPG / Roguelite game! The general idea being that each of the player characters is seeking something, that their motivation for adventure is different. Whilst don't expect to be putting much narrative into the game, I think it's helpful to have lore to help guide development whether or not you directly show it to the player.

As I alluded in my previous posts, this is intended as something of a practice project, trying to find something that falls into the "able to make", the "want to make" and the "want to play" categories (reference). My intended approach is to make the minimum possible that constitutes a game and then add features and improvements for as long as the project holds my interest and / or there is interest from others.

In order to try and generate said interest from others, to allow players to help guide development and to figure out if anyone wants to play this kind of game, I going to be making work in progress builds publically available as soon as I have that minimum viable game. As for what that minimum viable game entails, I'm currently thinking a single playable character and a single level that takes a few minutes to play through, ending in a boss battle.

As there has been some interest on twitter, I also plan to write blog posts outlining the major systems I've built that help me make this game as a solo developer. Thus far those are the animation system using the Playables API, the code driven timelines I use to create abilities for players and enemies, and the trigger / receiver system I use for 'scripting' events in the level. However as I tackle new features, say Boss AI or level creation I'm quite likely to make more!

As text only blog posts seem to be out of fashion, this is a gif of me testing the trigger / receiver system by spawning enemies when the player interacts with an object, and yes the main character interacts with things by hitting them.